Chinese Western Emperor’s secret way to Magical Talisman

Back in the Western Han Dynesty, Emperor Xiaowen asked his Prime Minister: ‘What is it about “The House of Three Fools” that people are talking about? Then the minister said, Houses that are object to these three are about it: “House that is too high in the front and too low at the back, if it flows to the north and high in the southeast and flat in the northwest”. Some random day, Emperor encountered a house exactly matched to the prime minister’s description so-called “The House of the Three fools”, when passing by a city named Hong Nong. He got to observe that people in that house seemed quite wealthy with a prosperous family. After returning to the palace, the emperor was still in shock that he decided to pay a visit wearing some normal clothes, companied with two officials in charge of fortune telling based on astronomy (天文), calendars (曆數), Feng Shui geography (風水地理) with Ying Yang Laws. So, they went to the house and surprisingly, the house owner was very kind, taking good care of the emperor and his people, even serving them food with alcohol as well. Yoo Jin-Pyeong-owner’s name, had lived in this house for more than 30 years. The emperor questioned him, wondering why he had not faced major crisis even though this house was one of “The House of The Three Fools”.

“When I first moved into this house, all kinds of disasters happened, our property was destroyed, followed with deaths and different diseases, even the animals we raised trembled in fear, all in all our house was in pretty bad shape,” the house owner Yoo Jin-Peyong stated. He also said that, “one evening, two scholars came and stayed at our residence overnight. Unfortunately, we could merely serve them millet porridge, though they seemed to enjoy it. Afterwards, they handed me with some supernatural amulets and said: “If you stimulate the energy of the house with these amulets, you will be rich for 20 years” and they predicted that my heirs would prosper for another 30 years and the emperor in simple cotton clothes would pay a visit to the residence. Everything they mentioned worked out one after the other, except the emperor’s visit”. After thoroughly listening to Yoo Jin-Pyeong, the emperor asked with a smiling face, “So, where did the two scholars go?”. “They handed me the talisman and vanished. Only a ray of white smoke soared into the sky once they had walked more than 50 steps outside,” the house owner answered kindly.

Afterwards, the emperor returned back to the palace with the amulets that he got from Yoo Jin Pyeong and ordered Ying-Yang scholars to follow the amulets. Those magical charms expanded over the world and were used for self-defense on a door-to-door basis. People were able to receive heaven’s protection as a result of this, and the community was wealthy, harmonious and free of disasters. Not only did they live-longer and healthy, but their descendants also got to prosper. What’s more, their businesses continuously thrived with plentiful financial resources. After all, the talisman had so many uses and benefits, including warding off goblins and demons.