Traits & Rarities

(1) Overview and About Rarity The total number of Taciturn-robots is 8,248, and they are divided into three main categories below. Features Minting quantity Rarity (estimate) Original Taciturn-robot 160 1.939% Tao Collection 72 0.873% Talisman Collection 7416 89.913% Joint Collection 600 7.274% Total 8248 When it comes to the joint collection and the talisman collection, 100 body properties are randomly taken as the basic collections among the original talin, and then combined with other properties through the existing algorithm. Thejoint collection is entirely owned by the project company and merely for presentation purposes but not for sale. The body attributes of the Taciturn-robot are largely divided into three main categories: 100 general collections, 3 transparent collections, and 1 Tao collection. However, rare items include receivers and transparent boots, 72 Talisman collections and 60 joint collections. According to the established algorithmic rule, 8,248 Taciturn-robots are finally generated, and publicly sold at the price of 0.08ETH (Etherium). Features Subdivision Original quantity Minting quantity Rarity (estimate) Basic Receiver and Boots 1 1 0.01% Basic […]

Chinese Western Emperor’s secret way to Magical Talisman

Back in the Western Han Dynesty, Emperor Xiaowen asked his Prime Minister: ‘What is it about “The House of Three Fools” that people are talking about? Then the minister said, Houses that are object to these three are about it: “House that is too high in the front and too low at the back, if […]

Unique cultural Talisman NFT

As it is generally well known, NFT has a financial aspect implying irreplaceable tokens. The majority of the most famous NFT works are currently in the form of artwork. The reason is that artworks, as well as their aesthetic impacts are extremely valuable. Taoist charms are ideal for creating NFT in this regard. To begin […]

The story of the Taciturn-robot

People consider that robots are the perfect program runners that can do anything. Such as, robots understand any planet’s language, function in radioactive waste, perform billions of computational problems per second and strike villains from kilometers away. Even science fiction movies warned that these kind of supercomputers wants to replace the humanity and take over […]