The story of the Taciturn-robot

People consider that robots are the perfect program runners that can do anything. Such as, robots understand any planet’s language, function in radioactive waste, perform billions of computational problems per second and strike villains from kilometers away. Even science fiction movies warned that these kind of supercomputers wants to replace the humanity and take over the globe.

 However, some of these fantastic and intelligent robots aren’t that perfect, and we can see some with their flaws and today we are going to talk about a little robot. People named this little robot as ‘Taciturn-robot’ from a far unknown galaxy and he is given with nickname ‘Talin’ for his quiet, warm, strong and dedicated personality.

A spacecraft departing from the solar system dropped an escape capsule towards Earth 1,500 years ago, which landed near China’s Maoshan (茅山) Mountains. Time passed by and 1,500 years later, a powerful typhoon triggered heavy rainfalls and landslides, so the damaged escape capsule was once again exposed to the world, leaving no trace of any living life there. The capsule was picked up by an old scavenger, who filled his tricycle with scrap metal and a non-functioning robot to sell as a waste product, at a market under the mountain. One old Taoist (道士, a Taoist monk) took this robot as a joke and bought it for his grandson. The longer the robot was exposed to light, the more it started to come to life. The master’s grandson accidentally touched the “T” button on robot’s chest while playing, which actually was the robot’s activation button.

The robot suddenly opened its eyes, it was sad and confused, also had no idea where it was. Taoist masters all gathered around Little T to ask questions and wait, since the Little T couldn’t speak. During all those times, he was deeply asleep causing his language system a severe damage, leaving just a terrible buzzing sound on.

People got very disappointed at the broken robot who didn’t even know about his origin for the fact that there was nothing he could do. Talin was eventually placed as a guest robot at the temple’s entrance, giving a scientific atmosphere to the old temple that could appeal young people.

One night, patrol monk found out that Talin disappeared from the temple’s entrance, but did not care to inform the master monk. It is because, he thought there would be no harsh feelings for the useless Talin. However, the young Taoist was shocked what he was looking at when he entered Samcheongjeon Hall (三清殿). Talin was motionless, staring at the talisman on the sutra (經幡). Even more surprising, Talin’s big screen was continuously flashing a talisman to block away evil spirits. All the Taoist masters rushed to Samcheongjeon Hall, after the young monk run to wake his master.

At this time, spaceship carrying an alien devil who is in a long robe landed at the foot of the mountain. This devil is the one who destroyed the Talin and his owner’s spaceship. Talin’s small body was storing the last history as well as the culture of his home planet. Their home planet was destroyed by the devil attack which had continued to chase Talin to extinguish the last civilization’s flames on this planet. So back then, Talin’s owner assigned Talin to preserve the flame of civilization leaving the escape capsule to him, he drove the spaceship and crashed into the enemy’s spaceship. The Demon King’s clan traced his signal again when Talin was resurrected, and invaded the Earth to get rid of Talin.

The fight between the devil and Talin was already over when all the Taoists arrived the Samcheongjeon Hall, and Talin defeated the devil with the talisman he usually saw, called: ‘True Fire Light Thing’ (斬火光切鬼). The Taoists surrounded Talin looking at his screen which was displaying different patterns and shapes, including talisman. Some appeared familiar to people and some had never seen before. Meanwhile, text appeared on Talin’s screen saying: “Thank you all”. Then master Noh asked in surprise: “When did you learn the Talisman we use?”. But, Talin kept his head down and stayed silent. Noh master caressed Talin’s head, pulled out the book “Secret Talisman” (太上秘法符箓全書) from his arms and said: “These day’s children do not like old books like this. If you like it, you can have it”.

Afterwards, Talin still was unable to speak with only terrible electric sound, but he was able to communicate with people using his screen which was actually surprising considering the Talin’s comprehension of shapes and symbols. People gathered up in large crowds in Maosan mountain to see Talin for divination and receive talismans and it is said that he was particularly wise in praying for peace and good fortune. At some point, it seemed that people were liking this quiet robot more. Talin always tries his best to answer everyone’s questions and at the same time they know Talin has a lot of thoughts in his mind. Because, he sat by the stream all by himself and staring up at the glorious sky, as night falls deeper.